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Excluding everything that is presented here, On Air within "Misc" time, every half an hour sounds Lithuanian group work, and every fifteenth minute of an hour- something of Death / Doom / Black style repertoire.

"Instrumentics" - the time devoted to instrumental rock and metal music. Let us hear what is often overshadowed and pushed into the background vocals sound!

"Thrash'em all"- title already makes it clear that there is free flowing and splashing about thrash.

"Misc"- a wide range of metal rock styles. Listen and discover your favorites among all!

"Memory Remains" - listen metal pioneers... since it all started ...?

"Music from the crypt"- the time for one of the most extreme and often requiring highly skilled death metal music.

"Doom metal time"- the name speaks for itself. Listen as it sounds serious "doom" sound extracted by relaxed guitar strings ...

"Black" - Well do not be dispensed without a good black metal! This style fans who do not remain forgotten!

"Out of tune"- and the music here is different- indeed it is "out of tune" and not fitting into any frame!

"Rokosaurus rex"- hours for rock music.

"Heavy Monday"- Monday is the hardest day of the week ?! Let it be! Here the audience Thrash, Death, Doom and Black metal mixture.


09:00 Misc Misc Misc Misc Misc Misc Misc
10:00 Rokosaurus rex
11:00 Misc Out of tune Out of tune
12:00 Instrumentics Misc Rokosaurus rex Misc
13:00 Misc Rokosaurus rex Instrumentics Misc
14:00 Memory remains Įvairi Rokosaurus rex Instrumentics Rokosaurus rex
15:00 Memory remains Misc Memory remains Misc Memory remains Out of tune Misc
16:00 Misc Misc Memory remains Misc Misc
17:00 Rokosaurus rex Instrumentics Instrumentics
18:00 Out of tune Instrumentics Misc Misc Instrumentika Misc
19:00 Misc Misc Misc
20:00 Memory remains Rokosaurus rex FUZZ radio TOP-30
21:00 Heavy Monday Misc Memory remains
22:00 Thrash'em all Doom metal time Misc Misc
23:00 Misc Black Mucis from the crypt
00:00 Misc Misc

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